Half my time, I spend doing commissioned work.   Most of these are portraits. There’s something about the tradition of portraits that I love. There’s something about messing with that tradition that I love even more. Infusing an old idea and making it vibrant and modern.


I‘m excited by the reasons people want a portrait. I’ve done commissioned work for a husband’s graduation and to commemorate the birth of a first child.  I’ve done pieces for weddings, anniversaries, new homes.  I’ve even done one for a divorce!  A few where there was no reason at all. And more than once to capture those rare moments when siblings stop fighting and love each other.


In all cases, I’m intent on understanding the subject in a way that celebrates the best in them – finding beauty in the real.


And yes, sock puppet commissions are always fun – I”ll even help you find a phrase.


Kyra, Max and Zoë, Oil on wood, 52″ x 35″, 2007


Amelia 1, Oil on wood, 40″ x 30″, 2006


Amelia 2, Oil on wood, 40″ x 30″, 2006


eternally smitten, Oil on chalkboard, 20″ x 32″, 2009

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Film streaming vf


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