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What the Hell Was Wrong with You, Susanna A. Kox?


Beautiful Psychological States of an Ugly Butterfly


….and more in development.


Running times – various.


2017 – present

Poison ivy.  Don’t.


Running time – 2 minutes, 13 seconds


© 2018

A woman wakes up covered in toys. Is she hungover? Depressed? Can she get up?   Live action and stop-motion animation fuse together in this mad ride exploring self-doubt, delusion, misplaced inner voices and embroidery floss.


Running time – 4 minutes, 55 seconds


© 2016

Dollface - "Looking askance"

Artist and Filmmaker, Kirsten Johnson explores our fascination with girl-on-girl violence. Funny, provocative and thoughtful, this surprising film explores why Johnson is obsessed enough to make large scale oil paintings on the theme even though she finds the concept a dated, cheap and easy device aimed at the lowest common denominator.   A visually energetic exploration of a guilty brand of feminism and the act of creation.


Running time – 8 minutes, 1 second


© 2017

Painting Catfights

How do you tell the story of someone who’s in your family but doesn’t have a voice to say whether or not they want that story told?   I have a younger sister with Down Syndrome, Autism and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, this film was created to bridge an unbridgable gap of understanding. 


Running time – 22 minutes, 45 seconds


© 2014

sister in field 72

A couple of years back my artist studio of 13 years in Toronto’s Liberty Village was sold to developers.  I made this film counting down the last 25 days – exploring what it’s like to be an artist in a city obsessed with money and change.


Running time – 18 minutes, 33 seconds


© 2013


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